Why Triathlon?


I am one week into my training plan and still have not yet decided which race it will be! I have two options one end of June and one end of July....logically I can also do others later, but then I passed by birthday and I HAVE to complete the first one before the big 4....is coming!


But let's start at the beginning. Why the h*ll a triathlon. When I started my sport's company back in 2011 which is today actually healthy catering service company (so no sport advantage here anymore), when I was often flying between Mallorca and Geneva. At this point, I was heavier then today, less shaped but had quite some endurance due to several hours of bootcamp training per week. In the plane, I often was reading sport journals and I once came across an article in which a lady lost 60 kg by only training for triathlon. Well to be fair, she trained for a 70.3 ironman, from scratch (not my league yet). She was talking about the lovely, but very hilly race in Monaco... this story is stocked in my head every since and I always say to myself one day, I can do the same.... wishful thinking Denise!!



In 2012, I also started to run (made it up to a half marathon in 2:36:18 so really nothing to be proud of or as my husband would say, I would have been faster by walking, sadly he is right on that one) which I completely gave up again in 2013 due to my pregnancy (and the rest is another story). I only started running again last Xmas. But the story about this 70.3 ironman is still in my head and I can not let it go. And I keep on saying to myself, I still want to do this. Newsflash, the Monaco race is not excisting anymore, so hence I have to find another option, but the plan is still there to do one, one point in time hahah! It will take me ages to get to the level of a half ironman and then I do not know if they will accept a turtler on the race day, so that is why I have to start early, if I still want to make it before I will turn 50 :-) 


So, that is why I decided to give this idea a chance. I will share my journey here with you, as I want to motivate other people along the way to do same or start doing more sports! When you read this, note that I am not a fast runner (really not), I am turtle and yes I can ride a bike (so can every Chinese person), but not fast at all and swimming, well I almost sunk after a good 40m last week in the pool, when I was trying to do freestyle...side note: the lifeguard looked a bite worried to be fair.... no further comments here! However, I can swim a good 300 meter or more if I would hang in there with breaststroke, but then again not fast at all...So all in all, I would say, I am not the optimal candidate to become a triathlete, as they would be normally good in at least one of the disciples! But I will proof myself wrong, I can do this, turtle style, but I can do this!


Below my training plan (very basic and with longer runner units then other plans which is in general between 20 & 45 minutes) and yes, I go for a short distance race which is 500m swimming, 20k biking and 5k running. Optimal time would be around 1:30 but realistic will be to finish and to complete before 2:00 as turtles will never be fast, right?!


See you around!





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