Why I do Zero Carb challenges?


As said earlier, I like to boost my body once a while with a cleanse. Being on a Keto Diet, the most natural thing would be an Egg fast. But honestly, I can not see eggs anymore... I have done some days here and there over the last months and I am really off the egg fasting which does not mean, that is bad thing!


Before Xmas I came across the zero carb challenge and honestly the results are similar to an egg fast and it feels so much better than being on eggs & cheese only. Beside this, it is known that a zero carb dieter can achieve significant results regarding weight loss, satiety, and better mental well-being. Personally, I would not do it longer then 14-days, as it is not kown what are the potential long-term adverse effects... So far, I had none, but we all like to stay on the safe side, right?

So lets break that down. This is my second round of zero carbs. First time I did 14-days and this time I will go for a good 9-days to clean & boost my metabolism! It is my spring cleaning and will include the following food groups:

  • Organic meat

  • Organic chicken breast w/o skin

  • Organic cheese ( personally I limit to 100g per day)

  • Healthy fat (butter, oils made from nuts)

  • Max 4 free range eggs per day

  • Water & black coffee & tea

  • Salt & pepper-

  • 2 tsp heavy cream (optional)

  • Unsweetened, zero carb soya yoghurt max 500g per day

I know that technically soya is a bean and therefore should not be on the list, but as an almost vegetarian, I had to find a solution, instead of ending up with eating too much cheese. But, to leave it out, will not reduce my total carb intake, but it will for sure improve the results! So I will try to avoid it and only use it once a while, I hope....But we will see! Instead of opening the gate to all products between 0 and 1g (as this is the threshold to the don’t list), I decided upfront my total list, like this there is no mental negotiation going on and everything is cristal clear!


Don’t hesitate to contact me, if you have any questions, happy to help! Join me by using #zerocarbbunny

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